We collaborated with filmmakers Gabriel Deloach and Zach Kiefer on the opening title sequence for this "rockumentary" about Baltimore punk band Double Dagger. The main characters and move titles are introduced as photocopied punk rock flyers that come to life through stop motion animation. Animator and Directors: Gabriel Deloach and Zach Kiefer

If We Shout Loud Enough
An inside look at the Baltimore music scene through one of its most pivotal bands, Double Dagger.

This intimate and entertaining portrait follows Double Dagger as they complete their final tour and album, tracing the history and growth of the band and of Baltimore’s underground music scene. Meet Nolen, a singer who stutters uncontrollably until he picks up the microphone; Bruce, a bassist who can make his battered instrument sound like an entire rock band; Denny, whose drumset regularly collapses under the force of his pummeling; and dozens of the fans, musicians, and artists who have catalyzed the city’s music community. Along the way, the band reflects on why Baltimore has become such a vital and diverse creative breeding ground for the ethos of DIY music and art.


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