this is a personal shot which took most of my after work time for the last six monthes.
i did everything except the church model.
i hoped i can excercise different part of houdini,sop asset for the building,shading,simulation and rendering,i learned a lot through it.
trees is maya paint effects,photoshop for texture,nuke for compositing and others is houdini.
AND,i used bulletSop plugin for the rigidbody simulation,it is a amazing free plugin created by Milan Suk, it's really fast and use just acceptble ram.
in this shot,there is totally more than 100,000 rigidbodys.
particle systerm used for debris which involved some custom collision,and pyro for dust smoke.
i tried to use some displacement to add more detail to the ground and building but my computer can not afford it at last,so just some of the models have displacement on it.
and i hope you like it.

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