The class will be an in depth study of the “Giving and Receiving” as it is revealed in the bible. This class will be taught through twenty 20 hours of video taped lessons. Each of the twenty 20 lessons will be approximately fifty-five 55 minute durations. There will be homework assignments, written assignments, a mid term examination and a final examination.


The class objective is to learn with the intention of teaching that the favor of God was upon Man before man was created - Gen 1:28. He is the first and the last - Isa 44:6.

The LORD is our all sufficiency in all things. He is the giver of all grace - 1 Pet 5:10, and it is the “unwavering believer” who have the ability to receive of Him - James 1:6.

The power of giving and receiving is LAW. It works the same way all the time for every body.


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