Here is my artistic interpretation of The spiritual eye.

According to Yogananda, the single eye of intuition and omnipresent perception IS at the Christ (Kutastha) center (ajna chakra) between the eyebrows.

The deeply meditating devotee beholds the spiritual eye as a ring of golden light encircling a sphere of opalescent blue, and at the center, a pentagonal silver-white star.
Microcosmically, these forms and colors epitomize, respectively;

the vibratory realm of creation (Cosmic Nature, Holy Ghost) [the gold ring] AUM;
the Son or intelligence of God in creation (Christ Consciousness) [the blue field] TAT;
the vibration-less Spirit [of God] beyond all creation (God the Father; Cosmic Consciousness) [the white star] SAT.

The spiritual eye is the entryway into the ultimate states of divine consciousness.

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