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Dragon Ball it is the greatest anime of all times. When I saw it for the first time in 1996 I fell in love with it. Since then I dreamt about seeing films like that but this dream never came true. Years passed and I became a filmmaker myself. After years of practising filmmaking I decided to make a DBZ LIVE ACTION SHORT FILMS and recreate the best moments from Dragon Ball Z or even - following this path - the whole movie about dbz.

Dbz is a film very difficult to make, because it is very complex, includes amazing locations, actors, proper cgi, martial arts people, stunt guys and much much more. All movies I have seen so far are nothing in comparison to dbz. Even Hoolywood with their big budgetes have problems with this types of film. The only way to make it is to follow the creators of 'Awatar', use the same techniques, half action, half cgi etc.
It is very easy to destroy the dbz films. One of the examples can be 'Dragon Ball evolution'. But if anyone decides to put big money into production of films like that then it is very important to choose the right director. In my opinion the only 3 directors in the world who could make this movie realy happen are:

- Zack Snyder - because he really captures great moments (e.g. 300, Watchmen) and he did in the new Superman. This guy has a vision and for me he will be my first choice.

- James Cameron - I think I don't need to explain because he is a visioner and he really knows what the filmmaking is about

- Tim Burton - he would know how dbz films should be done. The thing is that Hollywood is aware that these movies are very expensive so it will never happen.

My idea is to bring to life the best moments of dbz. I don't want to do cosplay as the look of all characters must be real - with proper armo, proper cgi stuff etc. and the only way to make it is by running a campaigne and by trying to get some fundings to cover props, to hire artists, actors, cgi designers, to cover logistic expences, to hire motion capture systems and some equipment.

The first episode I want to recreate is the one when vegeta turns for the first time in super sayan. I hope that with the help of you, help of dbz fans I will manage to show what I've dreamt of. When the first episode production ends I'll present it to all of you for your comments. And if you like it, I will continue creating more episodes - including bringing to life Freeza, Cell and Majin Boo and much much more.

I'm in the process of developing this campaign on Indiegogo so please stay with me, 'like' the page, spread the word with all dbz fans and I'll go back to you soon.


The Dragon Ball Z that I'm going to make will be made for fans by fans and will be a totally non-profit project. I am not going to make any money neither by producing it nor by selling / renting it. It is absolutely not approved / sponsored / affiliated by Akira Toriyama, Toei, Shueisha, FUNimation,20th Century Fox or any other organisations or licensees.
Noone, under no circumstances, is allowed to sell, rent or use the ready project for commercial purposes, either the whole movie or parts of it. I declare I have no rights of any kinds to any trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected names, characters, situations, storylines, logos etc. And in respect to Akira Toriyama, the greatest creator of Dragon Ball anime I decided to make this short films for all fans
to make mine and theirs dreams come true .

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