Despite the numerous people clearly ordering from MyDigitalDiscount without issue, I called them awhile ago to ask a question and talked to someone who must've been having a really weird day. As a result, I've been very worried about ordering from them. Then they had $10 off on the touch screen kit I needed for this project and I ordered. It came today and after some frustration caused entirely by confusing instructions (if you can even call them that), I got things working how they should. This video demonstrates the touch screen I just installed and the software I made to work with it.

There is still a lot of work to do before this is going to be actually usable, but I'm very excited because it's actually working mostly how I wanted it to. I need to increase the button hit area in some cases because although pen touches will work fine, finger touches are too imprecise to hit small areas. This really makes me want a capacitive screen, but I don't think I'm cut out for any modifications more complicated than this.

The software is an Adobe AIR application because my Objective C is about as good as my Chinese. It is running on top of Mac OS X, which is running smoothly on an HP Mini 1000. So outside of my software I have Mac tablet :).

What's really exciting is that everything from this point on is going to be an effort towards increasing usability and the general aesthetics of the machine. That and trying to get the fan to shut up when nothing's happening so I can use this as my alarm clock. It'll probably be awhile before this is done, but I'm really excited about the progress so far and wanted to share.

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