This six-part subseries 'Jude on Peter', revisits 5c RFG video analysis, re WHICH ORDER during the Year of the Four Emperors, the Books of Hebrews, Peter, Jude and Mark came out. For it's blatantly obvious that Jude quotes 2 Peter 2, almost wholesale. Scholars are very aware of this. The obvious reason is, that Peter had just died, and Jude now holds the highest position his fellow Jews will respect (where John is, who knows).

So what's the right order? Peter, Jude, Hebrews, Mark? Or, Peter, Hebrews, Mark.. and later, Jude? If later, how much later?

Vid's somewhat outdated, for now I know the right order. But it's good for showing teh sleuthing methodology. And who knows: maybe I've still got the order wrong (as of 11/17/13, I'm reasonably convinced the order is Peter, Jude, Mark then Hebrews). In any event, all these books come out between April 68 when Paul was likely killed, followed three months later with Nero's quasi-suicide.. and January 69 (when Otho killed Galba).

So in this and the next five videos, I'll try to test Jude for its 'place'. I'm not sure what I'll come up with. The only certainties: Jude is written after Peter; Peter is dead at that time. There seem to be references to topics in Hebrews, but one could well argue that Hebrews 'tags' to Jude, not vice versa. For both Peter and Jude's letters, are written in a hurry.

No final answer comes out of these videos. But at least they help show what kind of vetting one must do, when studying. A pastor must do this, so he's worth a billion dollar salary! Support your pastor with prayer and ONLY to the extent God says, help or money!

File Name: RFG5dJudeOnPeter1.avi, 9/24/13 in RFG folder.

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