still tracking the order of Bible books rolled out in 68-70 AD. Here, proof that Book of Hebrews thematically 'tracks' to Peter and Jude, despite lacking their keywords. So the order now looks to be Peter, then Jude, then either Mark or Book of Hebrews, all during that 12 months.

Rest of this 5e will be long, for I learned after making this video, that Book of Hebrews is BUILT AROUND Mark's Gospel, line by line. So it's like tapestry: Hebrews weaves together the themes of Peter, Jude, Mark as the foundational outline for the ORDER in which the writer's points are presented, even though the main theme is WHY the change of Covenant to Church (which no previous Bible book covered). Hence WHY the Rapture was imminent (Heb 11:39-40).

So 5e will be quite long, as I'll trace how Hebrews 'talks to' Mark's Gospel, with Mark on the left-hand side of the screen in translation, and Hebrews on the right, line by line. It's so obvious you can even see it in translation. So why didn't those inept Quelle 'scholars' notice? Because they don't use 1John1:9!

But then, I was stupid too, for now it's obvious when I made 5c RFG, I too hadn't done my homework. This will demonstrate why Hebrews is the LAST of the four books coming out in the Year of the Four emperors (NOT first, as 5c had contended). So egg is on my face, too. :)

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