These are the shorts that I made during my 2 week Residency at the No Boundaries International Art Colony.
A very magical time to create, explore and have fun on beautiful Bald Head Island with 15 other amazingly talented artists. We were a family on the island and will be lifelong friends.

At the end of the 2 weeks, all the artist's best work was hung in a beautiful show at Acme Art Studio and is now being installed in the Wilma Daniels gallery exhibition till next year. [You can also go catch this film on loop there]
This film also played as part of the 19th Cucalorus Film Festival. An honor indeed to have a spot held for a mystery film I was making up until an hour before the screening:) thanks so much to all that were involved.

This prehistoric forest leading to the beach was the setting for our two weeks. no cars, just karts and bike seats. Jonathan and I took a journey into the woods and these trees started talking to me :)

2] Mother. Lifeguard
about 5 years ago, my friend Adam and I found a lot of 16mm footage in the trash. footage from a family's life. I took the beach vacation footage and a cartoon of a doctors visit and gave it to each artist to paint. I spliced them together and projected onto Captain Charlie's Cabin #2

3] 2013 colony Artists
I love all these people. I love our time on the island and how we inspired eachother to push the boundaries. Lots of creative energy, lots of laughs and lots of flow. Brandon Guthrie plays a sweet tune on the guitar and the narration in middle video is by one of my favorite philosophers Alan Watts check out his thought flow, it is amazing.

4] The ghost of Clodin
Everyone at the colony was visited by this ghost in some way. After hearing about the ghost stories, from years past, this red hair widow seemed to show herself in everyones artwork. Beautifully acted by Fritzi Huber and Jonathan Summit. the ballad was written by Karl Mullen and me and is performed by Karl Mullen.

5] Home is where your love is
A wonderful collaboration with Jumaadi exploring the migrant nature we have as artists moving around the world. He laid down this poem sitting outside Acme Art Studio just hours before the final cut of the film.

Thanks to everyone that made this possible.
If you would like to apply for a residency at No Boundaries Art Colony, do it!

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