DU-Pro Prop balancer with one cone out of balance

Updated comments 20 October 2014
This video was made to show the manufacturer that one of the cones supplied was out of true.
Note: the craft blade pointing down is a visual stationary point of visual reference.

Emailing the manufacturer with the comment and link to this video resulted in an immediate response and a new cone was posted to me via air mail. No complaint at their after sales service.

However the replacement cone was also out of true and was the same. A further supply of cones ....
The error on these cones may ot may not be hyper critical but in my mind a prop balanced with this cone will be out of balance by a fraction. When that prop is spinning at flight speeds, it must have some effects and influence on causing 'Jello'

Personally, I don't use this prop balancer. In its stead, I now use a laser pen to dynamically balance or 'tune' the prop AND the prop nut AND the motor AND takes into account, the resonant frequency of the arm.

Laser balancing is inexpensive using a cheap laser pen off eBay for a few pence and a tiny mirror.

I have written an article on laser balancing. The article can be downloaded from the 'File Folder' of two Facebook groups:

DYS SMART 3 AXIS Gimbal Owners

DJI F550 Owners Page:

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