IMPORTANT: Now we see the different CRITERIA for timeline charting, between Peter and Paul:

1. Paul charts LIKELIHOOD OF RAPTURE due to enough MATURATION, theme of Ephesians, climactic Eph 4:13, Rapture Occurs when Body Corporate Has the Maturity of Christ. That's what you also need, to become a KING. So will enough KINGS develop, and will the KINGDOM develop? That's the play, and its success becomes ever less likely, from Constantine forward. That's the story, Paul's meter tells.

2. Peter, by contrast, focuses on the 1Kings 9 criterion, Will Temple (Church, second wall of Eph 2, not Israel, but Bridge To Israel's future time) -- remain STANDING? The criterion for the Temple to Remain Standing, is enough positive volition for any growth to keep going, analogous to Sodom and Gomorrah. Just one Noah and family...

So over the same period, Peter charts whether believer CORPORATE growth is sufficient for God to allow Church to REMAIN on earth. John later echoes this criterion in Revelation 1-3: 'lampstand' (local church) remains or is removed. Both tag Paul's Romans 11.

This is the NEGATIVE criterion for Rapture: Church must be recalled (diplomatic term, think 2Cor5:20) due to its APOSTASY. Of course, if that became true, then Time Ends, Satan wins. So Peter reassures readers, warns them at the same time: yes, Church will remain, but the growth is so low after 350 AD, Church BARELY remains. Ouch.

Hence both writers use Daniel's 62 weeks (434 years), since we're stuck in the 'time bubble' of Daniel 9:26c, wars and rumors of wars until Christ comes (Rapture for us, Trib for the world). For as always true since Adam, Time still must be Justified by a) one person supermaturing during a 490 year period, and b) mass voting during the sandwiched 70 years (490+70+490, so two believers must supermature per 1050, and enough mass votes to learn God during the 70).

Peter's four quarters thus play on Paul's four quarters, in wry ways. Later videos will focus on these differences. For example, Peter's 2nd quarter of Church reverses the order of Paul's meter for Paul's own 2nd quarter; Peter's 3rd quarter replicates and reverses the order of Paul's 1st quarter (so Church growth sufficient to continue Time itself mimics in reverse time order, the 1st quarter in Paul). In between, Vote Critical Time known to modern historians as Decius-Gallienus (SPQR Emperors), is under Peter's chronology elongated; meaning, growth way too low, behind schedule. That schedule is made up, from the rise of Gallienus in the West (when Roman Empire newly splits), to end of the first two Constantine kids (who die trying to kill each other over whether God is 1 or 3, lol).

Paul's 4th quarter shows no group maturation at all. Only individuals. Peter echoes this, playing on Psalm 90 (the outer timline in Peter): instead of 91, 84. For like Israel at Temple Down to Purim (focus of Psalm 90:16-17), Church MIGHT NOT continue.

After Q4, from 434-483 AD, known in history as Fall of the West, Peter ends with the pregnant '49', Church apostasy analogous to Israel in Diaspora, Missed Sabbaths, TEMPLE DOWN. So that theme characterizes our time from Constantine's sons, forward. We might not make it, always on Edge of Being Too Apostate to Live. Rev 1-3, echoes this theme.

Very shocking stuff, very technical. And very unknown to Christendom, who is always on life support, always fancying itself holy, always on the verge of God having to pull the plug, fig tree not bearing any fruit, Mark 11-14. Which maybe accounts for why Mark stops using euthus during that section (see my Mark 3d6-7 videos, starting at ).

Download Peter's meter (only the Greek, all of 1Pet1:1-12): . Download the interleaved (Paul's Eph 1:3-14 with 1Peter1:1-12) song with its metered translation, here: . It's only two pages, currently. Since 1Peter 1:1-12 is metered, the final version will be much longer.

To get the most out of this play on Paul, you need to read Paul's meter, replete with university and other websites explaining the relevant historical references: (if you have Bibleworks fonts; or you can download them for free at ). PDF version: .

You'll also need to watch at least some of the Psalm 90 videos on Daniel 9, which begin here: . It's faster and easier to just download the Daniel document in the video description, then read through it to see his style. Both Paul and Peter talk back to Daniel 9 VIA its style -- which I call 'tagging' -- as Mary had done, in the Magnificat.

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