GIF and the City is a social sculpture built upon F.A.T's "Occupy the Internet" where citizens of Gwangju, South Korea were turned into GIFs to occupy a iconic landmark from the 1980's Democratization movement in South Korea. Occupy the Internet AFK!

The display creates a moving and evolving snapshot of visitors in the area and their personal expressions, celebrating city life and the power of communities, crowds and networks in a more personal and human way that the usual mappings of social networks and flows of the city.

The GIF file format creates a short loop from a sequence of images that can be embedded in websites. The format originates from the early days of the web where video was out of the question and saving file size and bandwidth was paramount. In recent years, the GIF has seen a resurgence of popularity together with a retro memes trend that turns its focus back to the early, innocent and playful web before the emergence of commercial social media and high definition pro content. This can for example be seen in the FAT project "Occupy the Internet". The popularity of GIFs shows that personal and creative expressions thrive in the limitations of low quality images and a simple frame animation looping forever.

Supported by Gwangju Media Festival 2013. Curated by Juhee Chung.

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