The first expression from DriftSole Media - SALT

a short montage of footage collected from Spring up until now. The last 3 months took us on a visit up the coast with storm swells, no rideable waves, seasonal changes, shifting sands, swinging wind directions and the welcoming of the summer swells.
Even the "Wonderkid" - Jared Houston, was making it count while briefly at home here in Cape Town!

DriftSole is a lifestyle. We all choose to live our lives a certain way, we make decisions, we take opportunities and sometimes we go in different directions...We all want thrills and to find happiness....But stop, take a look around and celebrate today because this is your life....

Jared Houston
William Souter
Geoff Hart
Matt Hart

Film: Matt Hart, Taryn Davids, Geoff Hart
Edit: Matt Hart

Music - The Bill - The Walking Who

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