This Changes Everything: Ashamed // Justified
Music: "IXOYE" by Blien Vesne
Spoken Word by Stephen Murray
Videography by Craig Denison

Every week during the "This Changes Everything" series, we will be releasing a new spoken word video based on the sermon topic. Join us every Sunday through December 1st as we learn how to overcome hurts, destructive habits, and hang-ups by understanding our identity in Christ.

Who told you you were naked
Who told you you were forgetful
Frail, dirt leaving trails
sails set for destruction
sad and shame and every stain?

Who told you you were
anger, hate, malice the great
fatally falling faster forever?

Who condemns you before Me?

Who told you you were the deeds of the flesh
The threshed, unrest
wasted, afraid, locked away?

But wait, child
Watch what you say
Don’t you know who made you?
Formed you out of nothing but love and affection
In perfection you came to life and breathed My breath
Once it left My lips and entered you
Body and soul you were made for Me, My glory, wholly, holy and full
I filled you
And though what I placed in you
Seeped out you by sin
Sin wasn’t the beginning and won’t be the end
My love is the end
My love is the beginning
The cross tossed the old out and fittingly
Makes you whole, justifies
and restores your soul to Me,
So breathe the breath I poured out from the tree
My Love is beyond what you could imagine
Fathom, I put Adam’s atoms away
I clothe you today with

Freedom comes! Freedom comes!
Creation groans with Godly songs
Freedom comes! Freedom comes!
Freedom touches these bones
And brings me back into His fold
Jesus God of now and old
You calm the seas
You calm these tears
You are always
You are holy
You make me clean
You wash my feet
You watch my heart
You let me breathe

My shame is ashamed
Broken chains
My new names
Chosen, Accepted, Loved.

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