This is my application as a sound-engineering intern. It's far from finished but I already have a printed version. I have uploaded pictures already, you can find them on this link:

For any questions or whatever:, in case the info in the video was too short.

The booklet is supposed to look like a 7-inch vinyl and has the same size (yes, also the circles in the middle are the same size as the labels on a 7-inch ;) ). The red press on the front was made by putting printing-ink on a vinyl and stamping it on the cover.

I really worked a lot on this one the past few days, ive been making/mixing music a lot, so in case someone is interested in listening to the music I send with the application, email me. In case you want a .pdf or know someone i could apply to, mail mail mail ! I'm all about connecting.

Thanks for your time!

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