Quick proof Jews still account time as YEARS FROM; Paul does this via his anaphora, and of course his accounting is right and manifold, versus the garbled idea of accounting time which survives in Judaism today. They misaccount everything: God accounts from Adam's FALL, Genesis 3:22; not the Jewish accounting from creation of the world; God uses only solar years (BIRTHDAYS cannot be tallied except on a solar basis), Genesis 5, 7, 8, 11 and Exodus 12 (when Israel is born); so God counts ALL years, doesn't cut any out like Jews now do, in their 'Kaluach', which was a wrong calendar compiled based on the Seder Olam Rabbah, which leaves out the Persian years, and other things, made sometime in the 1st century BC. God counts the Omer (for Pentecost) starting on the LAST day of Passover, not the first, Numbers 28:26 see my sarshalomin videos. But Jews misread the verse and count the Omer from the 1st Passover (which is the next day, at sundown).

So you see: it is still common to count YEARS FROM, days from, etc. But they're doing it wrong. Paul's using BIBLE so is doing it right, and you can discern his accounting from the meter, but you can discern the right years and dates, FROM BIBLE. Even a brainout can do it. But no one's doing it! for 2000 years???!!!!

Download the Kaluach (calendar) yourself, here: kaluach.com/?page_id=22

File Name: PATU8PaulineTimelineUpdate8Kaluach.avi, 1/12/13.

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