Daniel from Wasabi Cars and I were heading into Autopolis for the Super GT Kyushu 300. It was wet, cold, and miserable. The rain was coming down in a heavy steady pattern, but when we saw this thing, it just lit up our eyes.

We immediately parked and began shooting. He was shooting for his YT channel called Wasabi Cars, and I was shooting for my blog at exitevideomagazine.com

Daniel saw the owner from the vehicle, and his Japanese is A LOT better than mine, so he asked him a few questions about the car. The guy told Daniel that he had driven it at Suzuka Circuit, and that he also owns an R32. At first, he just had the livery on the car, but in the end, he decided to go all out and put a replica of the real race body on the car.

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wasabicars.com - Daniel's Japanese Car Blog

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