This video represents my age 23. I learned many different things throughout the years but as I turn 24 I can definitely say this past year was the most challenging. I seemed to be on top of the world and just like that many different areas of my life spiraled out of control. I was in love, I had an amazing job, and I had a place I could call my very own. Within three months I lost all of these things and began to question myself as to what exactly I had done to deserve all of this at once. The truth is, someone was trying to teach me many different life lessons. I can now say looking back at all of the emotions of the year "23" I am so very happy that everything unfolded the way they did. I learned many different characteristics about myself and I grew another, more solid drive to succeed.

I am now more confident than ever and I owe all of that to every individual who played a part in my battles. Thank you. I am now in a happier place and I know exactly what I deserve. I know now not to expect things to unfold the way I feel they should. I know now to love only the people who can honestly love you in return with the same amount of compassion that you put forth for them. I understand what it means to be a great employee and to work for individuals who appreciate you each day. I know now that I am ready for anything.

Bring on 24 and thank you 23 for showing me exactly who I was meant to be. Get ready because I am not finished with anything just yet :D

Artist's Songs used in the video:

Iggy Azalea- Work
Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris - We Found a Love (In a Hopeless Place)

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