Sights from the island of Maui in Wailea and Iao Valley

This is a video of visual memories of a recent trip to Maui shot from the air and land. It's about the most production value I could bring along in a compact form while not being too much a burden to carry around while actually on vacation. I underestimated the difficulty in shooting on the beach with the wind bringing sand and salt water into anything and everything - the Sirui tripod is still in pieces getting cleaned. At the time of this shooting I did not yet update my Pocket to shoot raw as my cards would have been rendered useless so decided to get the extra footage instead, it would have greatly helped in post as the grade was pushed pretty hard. It was mostly a grey colorless trip from the week of rain, but the hardest part was really just trying to match the GoPro footage with that from the Pocket because of the digital sharpness the GoPro files have - still for a tiny camera it's amazing what comes out of it as long as it's stabilized.

Aerial footage was shot on a GoPro H3B on the Zenmuse with a Phantom (TMotors, Gaui, Skylark monitor)
Land footage was shot on a BlackMagic Pocket CC (ProRes, graded with FCPX and FilmConvert, Edelkrone V2 slider, Kowa 6mm, Schneider 10mm, Lumix 12-35mm)

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