Project: Desktop Wars Pt 1 - Weareseventeen - United Kingdom
Agency: Weareseventeen - United Kingdom
Production Company: Weareseventeen - United Kingdom
Director: Weareseventeen - United Kingdom

Background: Weareseventeen write: Desktop Wars is a series of self-initiated shorts featuring two battling robot alien life-forms. The 3D animated characters were tracked and composited into the HD footage and Radium Audio provided us with a brilliantly crafted piece of sound. The first one is ready to view now, watch this space for more.

How we did it: We created the music score to be bubbly, fun and energized in a tim burton-esque feel, it works alongside the action so that every hit, bump and whizz is musically on cue. The sound design is just plain lush, it's projects like this that require trips to toy stores to collect & record anything that moves, buzzes, switches etc.
The whooshes are all musical from the bassy swoosh layers right up to the zipping zinging passbys... it's all fun.

Sounds we created include: Music, Physics SFX, Whizzes, Swooshes, Pass-bys, alien chatter, character - personalities, particles, impacts, servo, super nice sfx, flute textures, alien baby talk, theramin, Moog bleeps, arp bloops, and anything else we could thrown in that made it sound fun.

Music & Sound by:

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