Project: Toyota IQ MPU/Digital Advert
Developer: Toyota - GB PLC
Production Company: Glue London
Director: Glue London

Background: Toyota are launching their new car called "IQ", We were contracted by Glue London to design the sound of the online adverts.

How we did it: Our role was to create all the audio for the advert, which would play-out in stereo. The lasers were created using synths, with maxMSP processing on the high frequency sounds. The impacts are layered with sub-bass for a deeper more resonant feel. The overall feel of the advert is a modern, cutting edge sound design score that fits the aspirations of the IQ and its positioning.

Sounds we created include: Impacts, Lasers, Movement, Type, Static, Hum, Buzz, Musical textures, background ambiences, Toyota sign off end logo.

Music & Sound by:

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