After 6 years AMV Editing. I've decided to join a different event named the Cosplay Music Video Competition. This new way of making video is totally different then AMV.
You need to have good concept and locations to make your production as a result you need to start from the beginning then just looking for sources in the AMV world. You have nothing to start you have to create a video of your own by searching for actors and crew members to create your video production.

But it was nice challenge to start with this production.

The production
3 months ago one of my friends I know from the anime convention named Kaoru Li known as Fanny asked me if I have the time to make a Live-action music Video based on a Anime serie I was thinking why not even I never made a Live-action Music Video before. The idea was to make a cover of the Macross Frontier final scene movie Wings of Goodbye - Sayonara No Tsubasa in Japanese.

So I've started to listen the music it was a long track of 7 minutes so I was thinking how to cut it into the limit of 3 mins there was a way to cut without any interuptions. Okay the music was done after that I was making a lyrics list for myself with the english translation and Japanese. After a few weeks later I start to look for a good location I've try some big cities in Rotterdam but it was too far so I was looking for the region Amsterdam. Theatre Meervaart in Amsterdam back in 2011 I was a boom operator for the selection round day of the program Kunstbende which I know a few people thanks to them I could use the location.

Overall I really enjoyed this production even it was a though job to finish it as long the actors are satisfied with the end result that's okay for me. It was nice for me as a experience I have a new video that I've made can use in my portfolio. So overall a great result.

Production, Director, Camera, Editing and Animation: Timmie Ng
Gaffer: Andy Midside Vinaproductions
Allround Assistant: Lance Martina

Sheryl Nome - Anne Pouw (Moekke Cosplay)
Ranka Lee - Fanny Li (Kaoru Lily)
Guitarist: Ramon Robson

In collaboration with

Special Thanks to:
Romy Kuiper
Sander van den boogaart
Kaj Schulten
Ramon Robson (Guitar player)
Theater Meervaart Amsterdam
Publieke Omroep Amsterdam (Salto)
Cultuur fabriek
Pakhuis de Zwijger

ALL rights Reserved 2013 PRISM
Timmie Ng

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