a simple way to use the make noise maths v2 (2013) as a delay.

• shut cycle off on both channels of maths
• mult your trigger source into trigger in of CH1 on maths and strike of optomix CH1
• maths CH1 output to maths CH4 cycle input as well as optomix CH1 control in.
• maths CH4 out to optomix ch2 strike input
• signal into optomix CH1 input
• optomix CH1 output into optomix CH2 input
• optomix CH2 output to mixer

>maths CH1 response curve to linear
>maths CH1 attenuvertor all the way up
>maths CH4 output to expo
>maths CH4 attenuvertor all the way up
>optomix - all controls set counter clockwise except for CH1 control atteunator. this is variable depending how much feedback level you want.

// maths CH1 fall is feedback amount
// maths CH4 fall is delay time
// optomix CH1 control atteunator is feedback level
// optomix CH2 output is the main output

patch on modular grid:


• in this particular version of the patch i am using the make noise DPO as the sound source and manually triggering pressure points. i wanted to keep this demo really simple so you could hear the delay trails but you can get all sorts of crazy variations by modulating the delay time etc with external sources.

• the tonal drone is the SSF quantum rainbow through the cwejman MMF-1.

• there is a slight bit of verb coming form the eventide H8000fw.

• yes there is a cat hair properly stuck to the fall knob of maths CH4.

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