With the increase of focus being placed on the treatment and care of Osteoarthritis of the knee in the elderly it is becoming more important for providers to explain what makes their treatments unique and advantageous to the patient versus traditional conservative care.

The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocols (AARP) Program is a proven clinical approach that has successfully resolved the symptomatology of Osteoarthritis of the knee for thousands of patients nationwide. These protocols have been developed by, and clinical certification offered by, Integrative Practice Solutions: integrativepracticesolutions.com/Training.html

Through the combination of guided Hyalgan injections, application of unique physical therapies, and custom developed unloading knee bracing (integrativepracticesolutions.com/DME.html) we have been able to establish a treatment protocol that is unrivaled in clinical outcomes, patient compliance, and satisfaction.

This one minute television commercial is designed to communicate this unique treatment approach and how it is superior to other care options currently available today.

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