Welcome to the West

Heavy Drinkin Woman

(Performed by Alexander Hastie and Brian Maude)

A cabin on a lake within the boreal forests outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, is where four college friends, an apple computer, and (most importantly) a 60 of whiskey formed Sons of Birches. I was given my introduction while a group of us travelled south through the falling autumn leaves toward Missoula, Montana.

On this muggy summer night, we met at the Shamrock Hotel to down a few pints before gearing up among the trains in Ogden. Mice scurried to collect fallen grain. Alexander “Stand Down” Hastie sings an aggressively swirling, booze-soaked, saloon courtship and the diamonds in the rough felt with attraction at first sight.

We who love to drink and drink to love know that nothing sets these things straight like good Honky Tonk.


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