Continued from 11e. Now we focus on '91', to further explain why '14' means NEXUS. Generation building, '42', is generated by '14'. New thread of Four-generation curse, and why it occurs, is introduced (completes in 11h).

We also find out where 'year of Church' comes from. Initially, from Noah, which future videos will cover in more detail. Meanwhile, see my Noahic Flood Precedence video. But also, from Daniel 9:14-19, which uses a 'year' accounting, thus:

Syllables from Daniel 9:14-19 are 308 = Noah's time in the boat until his birthday (get the pun), plus 7 years ellipsis for Trib, plus 50 years elipsis for the Gentiles, which also tie to the 57 extra days for Noah from birthday until he leaves the Boat, Genesis 8:13-14.

That's why Paul uses 91 x 4 = 364, not counting the day of exit. So you know where he gets the numbers, and better know what Ephesians means. That is, if you know the meter. Else, you're left with fuzzball churchy language you hallucinate into whatever you want.

Doc used for video, which also has all the related docs, video and webpage links in it: (or 'htm', re-edited 6/23/2012). The pdf version: .

You'll also want to compare it with the latest version of the Daniel docs, (which covers Daniel 9:24-27, which Paul 'tags' in his eudokian anaphora), and (or pdf), which now contains a handy chronology chart showing by clause what history he 'maps', plus an updated Footnote E material (copied from or pdf), so you can see Paul's historical-benchmarking style in Ephesians, is 'aped' from Daniel's. Paul 'answers' Daniel 9:4-13 in the Temple Trio anaphora, and 'answers' Daniel 9:14-19 in Paul's 'epainon' anaphora.

This meter is extremely important. Will change how you analyze Scripture, once you become familiar with its characteristics, which of course you can independently test on any passage you like.

That's why I'm spending so much time documenting how the meter works; since this meter is not known to Christendom, you need lots of 'objective evidence' so you can see and thus TEST its structure, yourself. If what's in the videos is true, you should be able to independently prove it. This will have to be empirical-testing proof, as there is no scholarly material on the subject. It is not known in Christendom, and the Jews have forgotten how their meter works (i.e., their recitations are off-meter).

So technically this is 'original research', a high-falutin' term for JUST COUNT THE SYLLABLES, honey. Then you'll see the proof, yourself.

File Name: 11fGGS.avi, 7/10/11.

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