Produced by Roach Productions
Director /Camera/Edit - Ricko Roach
Camera 2 - KJP
Dance Choreography: Nicola Dunn
Dancers: Charlie White, Zayne Estell, Aaron Reynolds & Fernando Pastor
Production Co-Ordinator: Kirk Maxx

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets not smelling like a festival toilet... check out the new video for our friends over at Organised Mess. Jester Jacobs gets up to his usual shit in this stonker from his Mental Disorder album, and as usual we spent low so the boys can all have christmas presents this year.

Have a watch, see how you feel, cause we can tell you that this video won’t make you feel like you wasted 3 minutes of your life. That’s a Roachy PROMISE. And yes those are REAL vhs lines. Stick Ricko Roach in a dark room with a pair of pilers and this is what he comes out with. GOLD

If you like jokes, good rhymes and funky forward thinking beats then sample Jester Jacobs debut album Mental Disorder.... its out now for free download from his myspace...

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