Available on the iTunes App Store: itunes.apple.com/app/id739281034

This new app presents definitive filmed experiments demonstrating spectacular, surprising and sometimes sublime properties of (almost) every element. What happens when a huge lump of highly reactive sodium is thrown into a lake? Or when an iron cannonball is dropped into a pool of liquid mercury? You can watch intense, wonderful and distressing reactions like these without burning down the house. 

Filmed by BAFTA award winner Max Whitby in partnership with Theodore Gray, author of the original book and app The Elements, this is a beautifully conceived collection videos vividly demonstrating what makes each element unique.  As Gray explains: “The great thing is that all of these incredible reactions are finally collected in one convenient place for you to view in the comfort and safety of your iPad, so there’s very little danger of death by fire, dismemberment, or poisoning.”

The Elements in Action works as a stand-alone app, but really shines when combined with the original app, The Elements. Once installed, these companion apps link together, allowing you to flip seamlessly between viewing the elements as objects of contemplation in the original app, and witnessing their dynamic properties in the second.

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