Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are happy for me to release five new reels of the VFX work completed for 'The Great Gatsby'.
We are showing these reels first and foremost because we are extremely proud of the artists who contributed to this collective vision, and we wanted to represent their ‘hidden’ works and talents.
Secondly, we're doing this as way of explaining some of our processes within VFX - which have exactly the same creative rigour and the collaborative decision making that goes into every shot within the film – live action or not. And that all comes from the script that Baz co-wrote, and is reflected in the visual language that Baz and CM created.
This first clip is to illustrate one thing:- why so much of the film relied on VFX. All of the shots within this first clip are heavily or completely VFX. And that reliance on VFX comes from a meeting that I had with Baz and CM in New York early 2011 - when Baz realised that Fitzgerald's vision of New York from the 1920’s no longer existed in New York city or surrounds.
By the way - the reels were cut by my producer Prue Fletcher and VFX editor Daniel Le.
Please enjoy!!

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