For those of you who can't see what I typed it is below:

My name is Daniel Ontario and I live in Egg Harbor City, NJ I am a teen and I am holding my mom at gun point. I am sick of everything she has put me through. I am not giving you any ways to contact me and as you can tell I am not deaf. You have 15 minutes to get here before I blow her head off with this .22 You work for the cops and it is your job to find me. Let's put your skills to the test. Best of luck to you. My internet fame is gone over the top and I am fearless and not scared of anything you will ever bring upon me.

I did not put his address because at the time I did not know it. The cops found him and then he posted a status after it stating the we live in a society where pizza arrives before the cops.

We did this in an attempt to hack the admins Facebook and then shortly after Cancel the event ourselves.

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