When you first meet someone of another race, what's the first thing that comes to mind? What do you say if it is a racial stereotype? In this Place for Grace video, Sophia offers insight into this question from her own experiences of racial stereotypes, then makes suggestions of what can help, rather than hurt in such situations.

Our P4G videos each feature a person sharing the world through their eyes, giving us the chance to learn a little about what it is like to be them, and what helps and hurts with some of the struggles they face. In everything, we hope to grow in understanding about each other, and learn how to live and work together to share God's love and grace--in hopes of making the world a better place.

We hope that these stories and the questions that follow will encourage discussion and thoughtfulness about the people and situations in your own life.

As always, we greatly appreciate any feedback you can send us (send to: pastor@disciplesnet.org); this is one of the ways we can grow better. Also, if you would like to see about sharing your own story with us, please contact us through the email below.

This video is created by DisciplesNet Church, an online church that works toward interfaith cooperation and Christian unity.
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We thank the donors who have made this this video possible and invite you be part of this unique and rapidly growing ministry.

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Disclaimer: The opinions and insights presented in this series are intended as just that, and do not constitute professional advice. If you have an emergency requiring professional help, please contact the appropriate help agency nearest you.

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