Four days in four minutes!
The Key & Peele stage build always marks the end of the production cycle on the hit Comedy Central series.
Here is a typical season.
For nine weeks the cast & crew shoot over 80 sketches in and around Los Angeles.
The sketches are then edited and shown to a live audience at the Nate Holden Theater over the course of a week.
Two episodes are shot each night and by the end of the week an entire season is in the can.
The Key & Peele live stage set is loaded in on a Sunday and the first audience member walks through the theater door on Wednesday afternoon. This multi-cam Go-Pro time lapse depicts the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into the build each season. Not to mention all the different departments that have to literally work on top of each other to make the deadline.
I am incredibly proud of this set design and the people I get to work with each season.
A huge thank you goes out to Nick Plotquin and the entire All Sets crew and to Chris Minkel for shooting and editing this killer example of what the Art Department does.

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