These days, securing your building is more important than ever. And keeping everybody safe means knowing exactly who comes in and who comes out. Full-time employees get screened before they're hired. But what about all those contractors that are always showing up? How do you make sure they check out too? Sure, most of the employers these folks work for have already performed background checks on them. But everybody seems to have their own standard. And sometimes, BIG stuff can get missed.

Take this guy. He passed HIS employer's background check when he got hired. But he shouldn't have. Because the only reason he passed his screening is because he's been HERE for the last decade. Are you kidding me? If you knew who Ned REALLY was, you wouldn't even let him into the parking lot.

Now, it's not really practical to run your own background checks on every contractor that needs building access. But you definitely don't want somebody like Nasty Ned INSIDE your building.

Introducing One Source Certified Contractors. The best way to be sure no one like THIS slips through the cracks again. We've got the most extensive and accurate background check on the market. Guys like THIS immediately show up on our radar, and not at your building. Because they either pass or they don't. It's that simple.

So let your vendors know that from now on, no one enters your building until they've been approved by One Source Certified Contractors. Because life's too short to worry about the Nasty Neds of the world. Sign up for the program today.

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