From scientists to stay at home mom's, Al Gore's The Climate Project (TCP) trained and unleashed a motivated group of climate change activists.

Armed with hard-hitting visuals and startling statistics, they formed a grassroots organization spanning the globe, spreading the word about climate change.

But, just days ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, is anybody listening?

We caught up with young scientist and TCP presenter, Ken Mankoff at a remote field post near Palmer Station, a United States Antarctic base.

He talked about the challenges of conducting Antarctic fieldwork in the Drake Passage,

"There were some days that anything that wasn't tied down was getting thorn off of shelves and its hard to stand up."

And his experiences as a Gore foot-soldier,

"I've had people stand up and yell at me and walk out because they didn't like what I was saying, but mostly people say 'I've learned something.'"

Mankoff has reached thousands of people through hundreds of live presentations of The Inconvenient Truth; from New York City inner city high schools, to the United Nations, to the South Pole.

He is currently studying for a Phd. at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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