Will increasing smart-phones usage change the way we shop or do business? Will brick and mortar retailers adopt technologies that could enhance the way they target consumers, track inventory, & more efficiently spend marketing dollars as is happening in online habits? Which technologies if any will have the best chance of winning outright?

Our speakers will share with you:
Latest in indoor mapping technologies
Use of multi-technology sensors with mobile platform: LTE, WiFi,
Bluetooth, NFC, MEMS
Geofencing, proximity sensing
Improvements in discovery of local points of interest

Other topics of discussion:

Indoor navigation is one of the primary applications for indoor positioning, brining users to a specific point of interest that they were looking for. It helps travelers find their gates to catch their flights, convention center attendees to find their conference rooms or particular booths and more. Technology includes WiFi, Bluetooth Low energy and MEMS measurments from within the mobile device.

Proximity advertsing and location-based coupons are transforming mobile devices into tools that drive buying behavior. Brands can now directly communicate with consumer, depending upon their interest and location.

Location sharing, in conjunction with social networks, meets the demands of growing enthusiasm for social platforms. Users are able to identify brands, businesses, contacts, physically close to them, and connect with businesses and friends.

Analytics and Big Data will be used to understand buyer behavior patterns, some examples and applications will be given.

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