At Lou’s we are dedicated to helping skiers have a better experience every day. While admittedly it is impossible to have a bad day on skis, we know that what limits many skiers’ performance or, said another way, the technique problems that prevent skiers from skiing more advanced terrain well, are very often equipment related.

Similar to golf, good skiing requires the ability to move easily and naturally while standing in a solid, balanced but relaxed position. Many times the angles built into boots and bindings or the fore/aft position of the bindings on skis works against our own unique balance needs. We believe it is never to our benefit to have to adapt to equipment. It only makes skiing more difficult. Any athlete’s equipment instead, should be adapted to the athlete.

At Lou’s we specialize in adapting equipment to your individual needs. We use knowledge of biomechanics and modern pressure and balance measuring tools to properly set up your equipment. We also sell the best gear available and will work closely with you to exceed your expectations.

Our goal is for you to leave Lou’s and on your very next ski day, ski better than you ever have before.

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