In November 2012, in celebration of Club Kid Herstory Month, FCKNLZ re-created the legendary appearances of 90's club kids on TV talk shows such as Donahue and Geraldo in front of a live studio audience in The Museum of Arts and Design Theater in New York City.

Written and Directed by FCKNLZ:
Hunter Cressman
Kelsey Hall
Destiny Pierce
Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff
David Riley
Grant Worth

Toni Bernice - Emily Lowinger
Lucky Go Lucky - Olen Holm
Hard Candy - Molly Kimzey
Dean Savory - Alberto Cortes
Yolanda Demure - Rebecca Mimiaga
Mary Poppers - Bryce Henry
Pierre Van Canada - Max Bernstein
Audience Plants - Ciara Rose Griffin
Barbara Poppers - Gerry Visco
Bananagramma - Stina Puotinen

Also Featuring:
Debbie Attias, Daughters of Devotion, Astro Erle, Brock Forsblom, Jordan Fox, Jon Grenon, Leo Gugu, Piggy Huggums, Andrew Jordan as Mystic Genitals, Sophia Lamar, Ivan Durbak as Dorrito Malandrino, Ricky TheJones, and George Venson

Camera by Alexander Kargaltsev and Nick Schiarizzi

FCKNLZ would like to thank Aaron Anderson, Astro Erlse, Sarah Giovanniello, Ernie Glam, James, St. James, LolliPop, Sophia Lamar, David Miller, Eric Puotinen, Linda Simpson, Jake Yuzna, and The Museum of Arts and Design

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