[The video referenced in this video can be viewed at humanlight.org.]

Everything You always wanted to know about HumanLight, the Humanist Winter Holiday, but Were Afraid to Ask

Ok, so maybe you were not afraid to ask really, but just haven't thought about HumanLight much before, or have never even heard of it? Here's your chance to learn all about the winter holiday designed to promote humanism and celebrate humanist values. Patrick Colucci has been involved with promoting and publicizing HumanLight since it's earliest inception, so he can probably answer any questions you might have. (If he can't answer something, he'll make up a reasonable-sounding guess....we humanists do always try to be reason-based, afterall!)

Patrick Colucci is vice-chair of the HumanLight Committee (humanlight.org) and a member of the New Jersey Humanist Network (njhn.org) and the American Humanist Association. Based in New Jersey, he's a long-time activist in the movements for Humanism and for peace and social justice.

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