Recently, I was assigned a film project for my Intro to Digital Film-making class. The Film had to be a 30 / 60 second commercial or public service announcement clip that you would see on television. For my film, I chose to do a public service announcement about Runs With Wolves Sanctuary, which I volunteer at in Limington, Maine. I chose to do the wolf sanctuary because I have a deep passion for wolves and for their incredible intelligence and natural beauty. Also, wolves are facing a dark time in their history again and people need to know that wolves are not evil creatures out to eat little red riding hood. A lot of times when I'm telling people about my interactions with wolves, most will immediately freak out and ask "isn't that dangerous?" or "aren't you afraid they"ll hurt you?" I tell them no, wolves are humble and friendly creatures that you can interact with, which a lot of people don't know about. With this film, I want to get the word out there that wolves are wonderful creatures and that people should be educated about them to help prevent the massacres that happen during hunting seasons... Go Visit Runs With Wolves Sanctuary and you'll be happy you did.

Runs With Wolves Sanctuary Website:

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Song in video:
Wolf Medicine
Album: Medicine Gift Volume 2
Artist: Memo
© 2007 Sage Journey Music

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