This was uploaded with permission by the owner (corporalgregg3 on youtube)
I posted it because I felt Vimeo.com did not have a proper rock band/guitar hero video.
All bandmembers on expert
NO they're not bots.
The bandmembers are:
Guitar - corporalgregg (corporalgregg3 on YT)
Drums - vildill (vildill on YT) (btw, HE'S RED-GREEN COLORBLIND)
Bass - joshietv (NO YT that I could find...)
Vocals - spiral trick (NO YT either)
Vocals - ateatree [usual vocalist] (teatreeproductions ON YT) {He was away at the time}
Q:Why is the guitar track blue at a point?
A: That is a 'solo marker'. It shows you where the solos are.
Q:Why is the bass track always blue?
A: That is a 'bass groove'. You see, bass can reach a 6x multiplier, so when it reaches 5x, The track turns to a violet-blue to indicate the higher multiplier.
Q:What colors are which in drums?
In most cases:
Red, Snare
Yellow, Hi-Hat, Tom
Blue, Ride, Tom
Green, Crash, Tom,
Line\Orange, Bass
Q:Why is the vocal track like that?
When you are playing online, (Xbox Live, Playstation Network, ect.) you don't actually SEE the pitch. (for lag reasons)
Q: Why did the _____ miss the first note?
A: Internet lag.

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