An obnoxious headache and the sickly sweet aroma of whisky from last night's office party tug your senses towards consciousness. This is your bed, in your room within your house, no damage done right? Oh, except that girl laying next to you isn't your longterm girlfriend. Choices, you have two, what do you do? Go.

Ari has messed up big time, instead of coming clean he decides to construct a grand and elaborate story to clear his conscious and re-write the events that lead to the crescendo of last night but will this lie be enough to save his relationship?

This quirky yet honest film portrays the lengths an individual will go to for redemption in a relationships desperate final act.

'The Lie' was created for the 'Stories We Tell' issue of American blog Loco mag.

Principle photography and scripting were both conceived and finished on the same day with post being completed within one night. Filming took place in Brisbane and Moreton Bay Shire.

Directed/Images/Editing - Dean Swindell
Equipment: Canon 60D, Tamron VC 17-50mm f2.8, Rode Shotgun Microphone
Actors - Ari Fickel & Rosie Campbell

The Rumble Stripes - Girls And Boys In Love
La Nina de Puerta Oscura
Paul Simon - Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard

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