A filmatic essay about the gap between the well known and the new.
ANDROPIA 2010. Dur: 32. min. Norwgian & English subtitles.

By: Birgitte Larsen & Itonje Søimer Guttormsen
With: Birgitte Larsen, Mattis Herman Nyquist m.f

The film was made with the support of Kvinesdal Kommune, Utsikten Kunstsenter, Vest Agder fylkeskommune & Sparebankstiftelsen 1.

"A young Norwegian is worried. She feels there is something wrong with the Norwegian mentality. As if it's to narrow, almost suffocating. She longs for more space. She longs for…America. Could it be because she's from Kvinesdal, a small village where half of the population immigrated back in the 50s and 60s?
Curious and restless, she decides to walk their walk and follow their path - to Brooklyn."

Home & Away is a subjective study og Brooklyn, New York, and a story about being in love with a city witch is not yours.

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