Just so everybody's warned, what you're about to see is something that is vastly inferior to the original. The projector that I was using to transfer this to digital was terrible and it ripped my film in the end and kept skipping and stuff. So some of the stuff isn't very clear. The ending, for those of you who haven't seen this projected, is actually where he rips the film. The problem is you can't see this because that part decided to break off and get lost, so I don't have it any more. So just trust me that he rips the film right before the final credits.

And now, the making of!!!
I spent many an hour in my completely dark bathroom to make this film.
Basically the story of how it all came together is that I shot some stuff on a weekend and promptly processed it all as a negative. Then I spent an entire week doing this technique that is kinda half way between photogramming and contact printing. If you don't know what either of those are, that's fine because basically I just took a strip of my negative film and taped it down on top of a strip of unexposed film, then used the light of my cell phone to expose the film underneath. This imprinted the shadow of the original film onto the unexposed one. And once it was processed as a negative as well, I had a positive copy of the shot. This meant that I could do some really cool things with it. I could create masks using various things for instance. I used a light that I filmed while swinging the camera back and forth, as well as a laser pointer that I used to draw patterns on some unexposed film. Then I could combine these masks with other film by printing with the mask on top of the negative. It gave me this really gritty and strange look to the film that I really like.
The process was complicated but extremely interesting.

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