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Coming Home is an inspiring and sentimental romantic cinematic soundtrack. It has a soft and memorable heartfelt melody that builds up to an emotional climax. This track features beautiful orchestral instruments such as violins, cellos, harps, bells, celestas, pianos and marimbas. All these combine with upbeat hip hop drums to give this a unique and hopeful motivational feel. This is music for that emotional moment of coming home to reunite with family and loved ones bringing back sentimental memories or a warm welcoming track for the holidays.

Many different images and feelings come to mind when hearing this track -- youthful lovers taking a stroll in a park, a scene of a person going through a hard time in life and having an epiphany, a montage of beautiful scenery and epic and emotional moments, soft background music for advertisements and corporate presentations, friends saying goodbye forever and more. This track can work for both sad and happy visuals since it has an uplifting and heartfelt melody but also a more melancholic side to it as well. Perfect for Cinematic and TV Commercial use.

This track is perfect for Romantic and Sentimental Film and TV Music, Interviews, Happy TV Commercials, Dramatic and Emotional visuals in TV or Movies, product advertisements, artistic visuals, Wedding Videos, video montage, corporate video presentations, Nostalgic moments, feel good, Indie films, Voiceovers, Movie Trailers, Projects that need music that bring back memories and anything that needs beautiful and emotional background music.

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