Shaykh Umar Ibrahim Vadillo explains during a meeting that followed after the first Hearing held on October 21, 2013, in the Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan in the Case Against Riba, that the model to follow for the people of Pakistan is the model of Madina al-Munawara, the only alternative to the system of Riba. He also urged that "We must bring the debate further and larger, so that the people can understand: what the Court cannot do, we MUST do, we must explain to the people of Pakistan. This is an opportunity for us to speak out. ... And to use the gold Dinar and to bring it forward to Pakistan — for it is indeed possible."


Further reading:

Document entitled, 'Muamalaat: The Alternative to the Riba system exists', that was presented to the Federal Shariah Court, Pakistan:

Document that was submitted to the Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan prior to the Hearing that contain the answers to the Questionaire prepared by the Court:

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