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reach 4 the sky is an expressive experiment intended as a kind of reverse self-portrait: instead of seeing me, you see my seeing... a harvesting and sharing of natural resources. this draws attention to the relationship (real and virtual) created within the viewing experience between the artist and audience in order to suggest perspective about our particular time and place. i was inspired by the philosophical and artistic interplay between German Romanticism and Italian Futurism around the turn of the century as Enlightenment gave way to an Industrial Revolution.

so I'm looking especially at things like speed and stillness, and pondering whether human craft should be considered natural. i mean, some people might say a train roaring through a countryside is 'unnatural', but what we've seen is that homo sapiens have been, together and separately, crafting complex systems and structures like cross-country trade-lines to the point that these developments seem somehow embedded in our nature. on the other hand, I'm thinking about the philosophical connotations of physical limitations like gravitational force and then defying it in flight. where icarus drew too near the sun, we'll stay a safe distance this time around. in this way, i examine the connections driving artistic and technological progression in the context of the present Digital Revolution.

the tree is used significantly throughout as a magical symbol of the meeting of earth and sky, past and future. their roots are deeply embedded in the earth as they raise their arms and reach4thesky (:

*special thanks to all my friends and family who have supported me in this endeavor, but more specifically to my parents for letting me rig their basement into an impromptu production suite, james for letting me use his yard and thousands of string-lights, kristin for teaching me to jump about, mikey for capturing a portrait, aaron for percussive contributions, tony for making a recording happen, rob for doing the late-night recording, s.e. for food and fire, and adam brown for the robot with a jetpack.

last but not least, to my faithful dog chance for getting along with my trusty steed “silver” (red scarlet-x #970) and of course to everyone at red digital cinema and within the virtual community at who have taught me so much about too many things to mention... here's to you guys.

dedicated to jim, for sharing his vision.

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