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"If precariousness becomes a state of mind, life turns into a decadent and timeless ride on the carousel of uncertainty."

- A surreal, oneiric and tragicomic journey into the exhausted mind of an unwillingly precarious employee... an accountant. -


The world of work and employment is undergoing radical changes. Among the most problematic phenomena related to these changes, are companies taking advantage of reduced labor costs by (mis-)using project-based contracts renewable on a monthly basis (previously known as in Italy) to conceal permanent employment relationships.

"Il Carosello ed i suoi ingranaggi" (The Carousel's marvelous Gears), a no-budget and deliberately decadent modern-day tale, points its finger at this problem by providing a sarcastic and tragicomic representation of precariousness as seen with the eyes of a precarious worker.

What mysterious language does the vicious circle of contract renewals speak? For an accountant (ragioniere), it is the language of numbers, or better, of a number: the date of his monthly gamble with destiny.

As days follow one another with no other perspective than the next renewal of the contract, the ragioniere is left with nothing else than to marvel, like a flaneur in front of 19th century's technological wonders, at the inevitability and precision of the wicked mechanism that carries him on an ever-ending ride on the carousel of uncertainty.


Ale Corsini - Author, Director, DOP, Editor
LEE S. ( - Animation Director


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