A short film, dedicated to those who stay true to what they love and hold dear in life.

Fianne loves photography. It is a passion inspired by her grandfather, who always taught her to never stray away from the passion she holds dear, rather than to sell her soul for fortune and fame. Fianne keeps in touch with her grandfather by phone every night.

One day, Fianne accidentally bumps into Richie Tan, an owner of a large news agency, who is having problem with his current photographer. Richie quickly notices her undiscovered talent, and international standard photographs. He arrogantly offers to buy Fianne's photography work for top dollars. Richie claims this is the best chance Fianne has with him, to "make it big", in this already saturated photography industry.

Fianne declines, but Richie is persistent. He rudely offers Fianne only one more day to rethink her decision.


Producer : Pang Yoke Fong | Director : Pang Yoke Fong | Screenplay/Script Writer : Eugene San | Cinematographer : Eugene San | Production Designer : The San Media | Music by : Muralli Sakthi Thasan | Video Editor : Eugene San

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