This is the rough first cut of the Behind the Scenes Featurette for The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things that I edited for Palm Pictures years ago. It's a bit rough around the edges, but was just something to give my supervisors an idea of how things were coming together during the first week of sorting tapes, and does not properly represent my skills as an editor.

It's much longer than the finished version and contains a small portion of audition footage I tried to work in for the part of Milkshake, a character that was cut from the screenplay early in production. I thought the footage of the very young Flora Cross reading lines with Asia Argento was simply priceless, but it was the first thing I was asked to trim.

The final version of this featurette may still be included in a future re-release of the film, or perhaps as an online download for people who already own the film, so I didn't want to spoil that by posting the finished piece here.

Music: The opening song is Asia Argento's cover of the Loretta Lynn song "There He Goes" from the soundtrack of the film.
The eerie music in the background is performed by Michael Pitt's band Pagoda, and is a hidden track on their self-titled record. Michael had given me permission to use it in this not-for-profit demonstration while we were bar hopping after one of his shows, so hopefully that's still copacetic. ;)
And towards the end is a song by Hansel Adkins called "She Said," which can also be found on the soundtrack.

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