This video is about a contest done after the launch of the 3D enabled site i made for Xperia ZR launch for Tiendas Paris Chile.

The contest consisted on participate with tweets made using the hashtag #XperiaZRAlAgua while we submerged the cellphone on water along 15 minutes to demostrate its waterproof capabilities, also a videoplayer were embedded into a post with the streaming and comments on that post participated too; in order to do that we planned an motorized system controlled by an an Adobe AIR console app which can send instructions to an Arduino controlled stepper motor, a 1080p AIR app as a fishtank background, and an Android AIR app for showing random participants retrieved using php twitter API, all done using localConnection, php, and arduino as3 native extension.

The background app showed a fishtank loop, and a message board controled by a comunity manager plus remaining time until the giveAway.

The campaign was trending topic on twitter that day, gathered more than 3.000 comments on a live video post on Paris fanpage and all of that in less than one hour.

Again for this project i was supported by Paola González my creative coder mate at DigitalBond.
And the Streaming was provided by

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